Our advices

Champagne Louis Roederer


To allow our champagnes and the finesse of their bubbles to express themselves fully, we recommend that the wine be served in a thin-rimmed, tulip-shaped wine glass that is not too wide. This is the ideal shape for preserving the bubbles and aromas and allowing the wine to truly come into its own at the time of drinking.


The ideal temperature for drinking our champagnes is between 9°C and 12°C depending on their maturity. Although some people prefer their champagne ice-cold, it should be noted that slightly higher temperatures (such as those recommended for a white Burgundy) will help to bring out the full expression of the aromas.


When it comes to food pairings, the possibilities are endless and range from the simplest to the most sophisticated of dishes, to suit the occasion. The diversity and complexity of our champagnes lend themselves well to any number of combinations, the only rule being to respect the wine by steering clear of overly powerful or spicy foods. Other than that, it really is up to you!

For an aperitif, we suggest some finely sliced Bellota ham, raw or marinated fish or gougères. A delicately flavoured foie gras works beautifully with more mature champagnes and will bring out the freshness of the pairing. White fish and poultry are ideal choices for a vintage champagne. Although excellent with savoury dishes, a rosé champagne also pairs wonderfully well with delicate, not overly sweet desserts such as a red fruit gazpacho. The key is to adapt to the age and personality of the wine whilst using a little imagination in the pairing process!