Our advices

Champagne Louis Roederer


High temperatures will accelerate a wine’s ageing whilst low temperatures will slow it down. Ideally, the cellar should be kept at between 8°C and 14°C, avoiding fluctuations in temperature.


Light, whether natural or artificial, can damage the wine and impart a strange taste. For Cristal and its famous transparent bottle, we recommend the bottle be kept in its original box with the tinted cellophane wrapper intact until the very last minute as the purpose of this wrapper is to protect the wine from the damaging effects of natural and artificial light.


Corks are sensitive to humidity. At least 80% humidity is therefore required to avoid oxidation and prevent the cork from drying out. Bottles must also be stored in a horizontal position to ensure that the cork remains in constant contact with the wine.


To prevent unwanted odours from entering and contaminating the wine through the cork, good air circulation is vital.


Vibrations are disruptive to the wine’s evolution and can accelerate its ageing. The wine must be left to rest in silence…


Although the 75cl bottle size is perfectly suitable for cellar-ageing, please note that the large formats (magnums, jeroboams, methuselahs) heighten the aromas and provide optimum conservation conditions over a longer period of time.


Louis Roederer champagnes are famed for their excellent cellar-ageing potential. Their aromas increase in concentration over time yet lose none of their remarkable freshness.

If you are unable to ensure the above storage conditions, we recommended that you enjoy our champagnes shortly after their purchase. Before their release, they will already have been aged for several years in the perfect conditions of our cellars to hone their finesse and complexity in the unmistakable Louis Roederer style.